Monday, December 21, 2009

New Airline Restrictions

Right now the big story is the health care reform, but I really don't want to get sucked into another debate about that, so I'm going to go for a lighter subject: airline restrictions. These new restrictions are being passed by President Obama and are not about what costumers can't do, but what the airlines can't do. For instance, if a plane is grounded on the tarmac for more than three hours, the plane must allow passengers to exit. And it's about friggin' time!! I cannot even think of how many times I have stuck for hours on end in planes because of stupid things at Hartsfield. It's ridiculous!!! These rules also change other things about how long passengers have to wait, what qualifies as a "National Security Threat", ect. Most of these are things that really just piss people off and are the really annoying things the TSA and FAA make you do.

Hopefully, this will not become a partisan issue, but right now there is a big movement in the GOP to oppose everything Obama does, even if the notion is to give flags to orphans. But maybe since this is more about making it easier for passengers than anything else, the GOP will ease up and not hack down on this like they have with pretty much everything else in the Obama Administration. However, I'm sure Glenn beck as already criticized it as a "terrorist plot to create a more socialist government!!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gay Marriage in DC

I has been a hard year for gay marriage advocates. Losses in Maine and NY have been tough. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Today the DC city council voted to allow same sex marriage in the District of Columbia. Finally! Our nation's capitol has always been the beginning of these states issues. During the slavery days, Washington outlawed the slave trade, which was a big step for the nation. During the "abortion wars" Washington became one of the first states to allow pro-choice on request abortion services. Now, they have allowed gay marriage which many are taking as a good omen for the gay rights cause.

This has come in a good time too, because this, unlike Maine, is not a voting decision that can be overturned by ignorant and afraid masses. Maybe I should address that last word: afraid. My theory is that people always fear what's different, and if an effort to help calm them, they sub consciously turn that fear into hate. Fear of homosexuality is based on its difference. That is why many people say they are "weirded out" by homosexuality. That's not bad, it's just the way someone feels. It's okay, but looking at them as people is also important. Since people fear homosexuals for being different, many fear that marriage is a way to combat this and be able to retain that superiority that feels oh so good.

But anyways, that's not really important. The main thing here is the DC vote which turned out positive for once in a time when we really needed it after the previous losses. This was a good day for the cause. For a city that elected a drug addict TWICE, Washington D.C. did okay.